Sync to the Moon

You get out of the Moonary as much energy you put out into it. Each lunar phase has a meaning and a purpose. It represents a time to reflect, write down your intentions and get synced to the cycle. That’s why you’ll find a “notes” section at the end of every month for you to reflect, work on your intentions and activate the manifestation process.

New Moon

The day the New Moon takes place, it’s time to write down and visualize what you’d like to CREATE, MANIFEST or INITIATE in your life.

Full Moon

When the Full Moon takes place, it’s time to be observant and write down what has come to an END, what CULMINATION has taken place in your life and what you need to LET GO.


It’s a period full of CHANGE and UNEXPECTED events in which new information is revealed for everyone to move forward and evolve. You’ll follow the same steps indicated in the New or Full Moon, depending on the Eclipse type.